Work Less. Play More.

How to Not Throw Your Clubs
In the Water Next Time You Play

Photo by Nick Knouse

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH…plunk. That’s the sound you just made after your drive on the seventh hole. That’s also the sound of you losing your driver to the golf Gods. Happen too often to you or one of your playing partners?

If so, maybe it’s time to take a breather and try something different so you can actually start enjoying the great game of golf instead of almost having a nervous breakdown every time you put a club in your hands.

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Guest Post – 28to20golfhandicap

This week I want to direct you to a guest post I recently wrote for Paul (aka Yakers) at 28to20golfhandicap. Paul is a married professional in his mid 30′s who also happens to be a golf addict. At his blog he writes about his journey to getting his handicap down to 20 (it’s about achievable goals for Paul).

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Get Rid of Golf Barriers
Once and For All: Part 2

Photo by Tax Credits

This week is the continuation of a two part series which was kicked off last week: how to get rid of golf barriers once and for all. In this series, we discuss solutions to two major issues which can provide either a barrier of entry to the game of golf, or simply a barrier to playing more golf.

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